Here is a subset of the posts on my blog, excluding those for classes or projects (which would be on the Projects page).

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Bundling JS with Webpack & Babel

Retroactively adding Webpack & Babel to a Node.js project.

CI/CD with GitLab

Setting up a staging environment, automated testing (inc. security & compliance tests), and automated deployment.

The apartment life of securing data

Having enough data to want to secure it, but no permanent, secure location makes for interesting data management challenges.

Problems of running production software at small scale

Running the same technology that is used for production systems is not always a viable option and why this is a challenge, particularly as a student.

Secure cookies behind multiple proxies

What I learned while implementing Secure cookies on a project.

Identifying how broken the Matrix bridge is

What I’ve learned using Matrix daily for several months and as a result of multiple failures of the Matrix<->Freenode bridge early 2018

The importance of good docs

This post has come about from a couple really bad experiences with documentation, and what I found frustrating in those experiences.

Asking to use FOSS or an Open Standard

This article hopes to pass along personal experience I've had with asking to use non-“normal” software/formats.

FOSSing Gmail

Gmail's AI isn't very accessible in a FOSS-friendly way... but with a little effort, we can make it work.